Donna Highfill came to Des Moines to lead our technology team through a change presentation. She not only connected with the individuals in that room on a very deep level through her content and style, she went out of her way to reach out after and many still consider her a mentor and friend.  We had over 100+ people tune in, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Donna is a true change agent.

Holly F.
Information Technology Leader

Donna is the epitome of passion and high energy. We worked together to install a major Sales Management process across the Retail system of our Bank. It involved training and coaching over a thousand Retail employees in a very detailed process to improve sales in our Bank branches. Within a year, Sales had doubled our sales results and the Sales Management system was the standard operating procedure at every level of the Bank’s Retail Group. Donna has the unique ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization. She takes initiative and speaks up when management needs to hear “bad news”. She was a very valuable member of our Sales Management Staff. I would welcome the chance to work with her again.

Bill Ginther
Rector at Virginia Commonwealth University

Donna S. Highfill has spent her career creating change opportunities that improve performance!! She understands that it’s people who make changes succeed or fail. Therefore, she defines and builds customized strategies and tactics based on the culture of the company. Her natural ability to connect with people (all levels) and move them forward is amazing! Donna’s integrity, professionalism, passion, creativity, energy and competitive spirit are assets any company would appreciate as a partner in “positive change”!! Donna, I thank you for our partnership each and every day!!

Carol Glass
Marketing Department Manager (Mass Media, Digital & Graphics) at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Donna Highfill joined our company as a change consultant, and added value from day one. Her insight into behavior, what motivates, and what holds us back from change served to be the catalyst we needed. She was as effective with executive leadership as she was with front line managers, supervisors, and our employee teams.  In quick order, she diagnosed our challenges and started to move us away from our comfort zones.  Given her performance background, she understood the goals we were striving toward.  Change was ultimately measured by its impact on our results.  I quickly came to value Donna’s insights and to this day, I continue to seek her perspective for problem solving of all types.

Sue Grady

In the field of training and sales performance management you will find no one better than Donna Highfill. Based on a deep understanding of our needs, Donna assembled a sales team for LFG, designed and executed training plans, and personally developed each member of the sales force. From a standing start, Donna brought the team to life which signed 82 new corporate customers in its first year.

Neil Singer
Chief Operating Officer at Allconnect

Donna is a true thought leader who has added considerable value in every engagement where I have worked with her. She is innovative, creative, always well informed, and is consistently on the leading edge in designing programs that lead to quantifiable positive results/performance improvement. Donna’s knowledge, positive personality, sense of humor and practical experience are an unbeatable combination.

I would not hesitate to recommend Donna for any company that needs to implement change or institute new ways of improving sales or improving the customer experience.

Bill Thornton
President at Carotoman Consulting, LLC

Donna has been such an asset to me, and has helped me get through a very trying time of change. I’ve talked to others but not with this result – my mood has never been better.

Carol Anne Davis
Mental Health Nurse

I worked with Donna, and found that her training, coaching and change abilities were transformational for people in her classes and for the company overall. Her charismatic personality and ability to bring humor to all situations engages her clients, allowing her to change the way they think. Donna may have started off my boss, but I now consider her a personal mentor and friend. Any person or organization looking to accelerate their leadership and change development through coaching should look no further than Donna Highfill.

Kelly McPhaul
Human Resources Business Partner at Republic National Distributing Company

Donna is a consummate sales and marketing professional. She is insightful to the sales and marketing processes and uses her creativity to address the business strategies for optimal results. I have been truly impressed with her proficiency in delivering high quality programs and materials under very tight deadlines. When presenting to sales professionals, she is able to capture both their attention and respect as a sales and marketing guru they can trust.

Michael Head
Executive Management Consulting, Talent Management Technology Initiatives, Industry Leading Benefit Cost Containment

I finished book #10 on my must-read list! Excellent read by Donna Highfill [Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World]. Recommended read for those in leadership positions who are leading others through change. Be a change warrior!

Charles E. Stevens