Experienced and Tested

With 30+ years of experience, I only teach topics around which I have kicked some ass. I’m proven.

Inspiring and Funny

I’ve been told that I’m inspiring. And funny. You’ll have to see for yourself. One thing for sure is that you won’t forget the lesson at hand.

People Mover

I not only train, I move people to do something differently. I understand the individual and the organization. Influence is my calling card.

Guaranteed Change

I am so confident in the value provided that if you don’t get the results you hoped for, I will refund your first payment. Guaranteed.



As a leader, do you implement change only to watch the projects, processes and initiatives stall because you can’t get the people driving them to change? In my new book Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World I share real stories to illustrate how leaders can move people to action.
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What others are saying

I am pleased to recommend Donna to any organization that wants to develop a laser focus on sales and service and get exceptional, documented results. Donna knows the sales and service business, and designs programs and training around a simple and straightforward approach. Her training approach is sharp, and her use of effective learning techniques is evident in her training materials.
Carol Anderson, OD&T Director
It was a real pleasure to have Donna on my team at Crestar (now SunTrust). She did an outstanding job in helping to keep our sales program alive and working. She is a natural at “training” and feel very confident in her abilities to improve the bottom line! I would hire her again in a heartbeat!
Craig Kelly, Marketing Director

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TIme to Dance

I Hope You Dance

I don’t know about you, but some days the bad news just seems to add up and I’m forced to do something that might not be pretty but is absolutely necessary. I am forced to get up and dance. I’ve...
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You Were Made Perfectly, but You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Have you ever looked at a newborn’s tiny little fingers and toes and thought, “Wow, they are perfect.” Well, we’re all born that way. We come out of the womb with an eagerness to learn, absorb, and enjoy every breath...
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Mirror, mirror

Be Your Own Best Reflection

Snow White would have stayed happy and safe and dancing with the bluebirds if it hadn’t been for the jealousy of one insecure person. I’m pretty sure most of our autobiographies could start with that single sentence. For Snow White, there...
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Monarch butterfly isolated on white with soft shadow

Small Things = Big Impact

Get onto your computer every morning to review the news, and your energy will be gone by 8:30 a.m. Every horrible event and natural disaster is right there for you, ready to take your power away. Here’s the deal –...
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