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Experienced and Tested

With 30+ years of experience, I only teach topics around which I have kicked some ass. I’m proven.

Inspiring and Funny

I’ve been told that I’m inspiring. And funny. You’ll have to see for yourself. One thing for sure is that you won’t forget the lesson at hand.

People Mover

I not only train, I move people to do something differently. I understand the individual and the organization. Influence is my calling card.


Through my writing and coaching, I hope to help you through your own personal change.


Donna Highfill worked with my team on changing behaviors. She energized us, shared valuable information, and my team is all the better for it.
Pamela Milne, Senior Vice President/Senior Commercial Credit Officer
Donna is an intuitive power-house who uses humor and compassion in balance with a no-nonsense directness to get results.
Lori Ann Lothian, Editor & Published Writer


Portrait of father and son

Finding Love in Airports

No, I’m not going to give you tips on finding Mr.or Ms. Right at LaGuardia. What I am going to tell you is that I watched the best story unfold during my year-long stay at Charlotte Airport last Tuesday. Since I had a...
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Field at dawn

Dealing with Life’s K-A-P-O-W’s

Life is an amazing prize-fight. You start to relax, to let things go, to go with the flow, and then B-A-M, you receive a Batman cartoon worthy T-H-W-U-M-P from the Universe. My husband and I have been dealing with his...
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retired man sitting on lawn mower in his garden on white background

When You Say “I Love You” Accidentally

I talked to our yard guy the other day about mowing the grass, and ended the conversation with: Yard guy: So, I’ll be there tomorrow to mow. Me: Sounds good. Yard guy: Take care. Me: Will do. Love you. As my...
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face of smiling child looking into camera

You Change the World Every Single Day

I am a change warrior who works with organizations and individuals on ways to move forward. But if anyone asked me for the simplest way to drive change, I would tell them this – Smile. No, I am not promoting a local dentist. I am...
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Happy senior woman holding hands with caretaker

Sometimes Reality is Overrated

[I wrote this first for betterafter50.com – a great site for women!] A week of boring work and a blah attitude had left me in need of a new purse. Even as a child, I relished my dad’s green, plastic...
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people laughing

If You Can Laugh on a Subway, You Can Laugh Anywhere

I love people who start a sentence with, “I have a funny story to tell.” It makes my ears perk up in anticipation of joy. Growing up, my family spent every dinnertime trying to tell a story that was funnier than...
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As a leader, do you implement change only to watch the projects, processes and initiatives stall because you can’t get the people driving them to change? In my new book Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World I share real stories to illustrate how leaders can move people to action.
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Young girls need a strong female hero who will help them understand and appreciate their power. After reading a story to my young niece about a young girl’s dream of wearing high heels and fancy dresses, I was reminded that girls need a shining example of the spirit within them – a spirit that is too often limited by the shallow expectations of a world that dims their light.
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