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Experienced and Tested

With 30+ years of experience, I only teach topics around which I have kicked some ass. I’m proven.

Inspiring and Funny

I’ve been told that I’m inspiring. And funny. You’ll have to see for yourself. One thing for sure is that you won’t forget the lesson at hand.

People Mover

I not only train, I move people to do something differently. I understand the individual and the organization. Influence is my calling card.


Through my writing and coaching, I hope to help you through your own personal change.


Donna Highfill worked with my team on changing behaviors. She energized us, shared valuable information, and my team is all the better for it.
Pamela Milne, Senior Vice President/Senior Commercial Credit Officer
Donna is an intuitive power-house who uses humor and compassion in balance with a no-nonsense directness to get results.
Lori Ann Lothian, Editor & Published Writer


Model isolated on plain background in studio

Breaking Up with “I Can’t”

I have had an intimate relationship with “I Can’t” for years. We first met in third grade during a game of Red Rover, where no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t break the grasp of the opposing team. But...
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Monument of great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun, Poland

Copernicus – We’ve Got Your Back

We love to catch people making mistakes, don’t we? I have been in meetings where a brilliant idea is met with a comment such as – “Did you know you have a typo on slide four?” I’ve heard  people discussing ideas outside...
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A pretty african american doctor with her thumb up

Let’s Add Value

There are heroes everywhere, and this morning mine are at the Massey Cancer center. My husband is here for his six hour treatment, and a young nurse we’ve not seen before was assigned to him. She’s very sweet, but started...
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A caribbean musician playing steel drums with the ocean in the background.

I’m Okay, You’re Okay, and the Disembodied Voice is Okay

I was lying in bed, exhausted from a long night spent sparring with a stomach virus. The stomach virus won that battle, so I stretched out, awake but resting. “Are you okay?” came a male voice from the corner of the bedroom. “I’m...
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Pretty Woman In Green Hat.  Afraid.  Isolated On White.  Space For Copy.

Yes, Emotions Can Make or Break Your Body

I stood in front of the mirror, looked at my face and quietly muttered, “I’m mel-l-l-lting!” in the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Jowls hung where there used to be a strong jaw, and my eyes were...
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Heart Shaped Knot on a rope isolated

Here’s to Us and the Ugh-li-ness

Today is one of those days. I can’t feel peppy for the life of me. My heart feels all tied up. I tried to write a blog about being extraordinary, but I fell asleep while reading it. I should have sent...
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