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Experienced and Tested

With 30+ years of experience, I only teach topics around which I have kicked some ass. I’m proven.

Inspiring and Funny

I’ve been told that I’m inspiring. And funny. You’ll have to see for yourself. One thing for sure is that you won’t forget the lesson at hand.

People Mover

I not only train, I move people to do something differently. I understand the individual and the organization. Influence is my calling card.


Through my writing and coaching, I hope to help you through your own personal change.


Donna Highfill worked with my team on changing behaviors. She energized us, shared valuable information, and my team is all the better for it.
Pamela Milne Senior Vice President/Senior Commercial Credit Officer
Donna is an intuitive power-house who uses humor and compassion in balance with a no-nonsense directness to get results.
Lori Ann Lothian Editor & Published Writer



Four Things I Learned from the Super Bowl

  Life is a roller coaster of highs and lows. We all know this to be true, but what causes our ups and downs can be profoundly different. I should probably be concerned that my highs and lows are tied to...
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yay-9776264 (2)

My Snow Story

  There’s something about the white stuff that makes me happy, at least initially. Don’t worry, I’m talking about snow. As it started to fall last Friday, I stared out my front window mesmerized by how the snow turned our front yard...
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Why So Busy?

  Recently, my work pace has picked up, my coffee intake has increased, my weight has gone down, and my dreams have slammed on the brakes. I don’t mean dreams like the perfect house or hanging out with Adele or having Johnny...
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Model isolated on plain background in studio arm curl

Why I Believe in Me

  Last night something weird happened. As I was doing my Barre exercises, I failed to complete each exercise. I gave into the burn. Later, while sitting on the couch eating chips as a reward for my mediocre effort, I considered...
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Closeup of mother pouring eye drops in the eye of her daughter

Why Christmas Gave Me Pinkeye

  Take a look at most of my childhood Christmas pictures, and you will see my brother looking excited, my sister smiling at the camera, and me looking a lot like Captain Hook with one patch over a swollen eye. Every single...
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group of Clydesdales feeding on snowy ground

Why Clydesdales Make Me Cry

  Something about the holidays makes me emotional, and not the one-tear-running-down-my-face kind of emotional. No, I cry like I’m watching Dumbo when the mother swings him in her trunk while she’s locked in a cage. I cry like THAT. Any...
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As a leader, do you implement change only to watch the projects, processes and initiatives stall because you can’t get the people driving them to change? In my new book Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World I share real stories to illustrate how leaders can move people to action.
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Young girls need a strong female hero who will help them understand and appreciate their power. After reading a story to my young niece about a young girl’s dream of wearing high heels and fancy dresses, I was reminded that girls need a shining example of the spirit within them – a spirit that is too often limited by the shallow expectations of a world that dims their light.
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