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Experienced and Tested

With 30+ years of experience, I only teach topics around which I have kicked some ass. I’m proven.

Inspiring and Funny

I’ve been told that I’m inspiring. And funny. You’ll have to see for yourself. One thing for sure is that you won’t forget the lesson at hand.

People Mover

I not only train, I move people to do something differently. I understand the individual and the organization. Influence is my calling card.


Through my writing and coaching, I hope to help you through your own personal change.


Donna Highfill worked with my team on changing behaviors. She energized us, shared valuable information, and my team is all the better for it.
Pamela Milne, Senior Vice President/Senior Commercial Credit Officer
Donna is an intuitive power-house who uses humor and compassion in balance with a no-nonsense directness to get results.
Lori Ann Lothian, Editor & Published Writer



Appreciating Family, Even When It Stings

The holidays either make us want to hold our families close or knock them about the head and shoulders. Either way, we don’t always appreciate the people who were with us when we were scared of the dark, or covered in...
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Turkey Vulture

Don’t Judge the Messenger

We all have our “thing,” our moments, those times when we feel comforted by something or someone. Crows took care of me when I was a young, sick little girl who was home alone and had to sit by herself...
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christmas background, bell decorate on white curtain

Life Can be a Pain, but What a Story!

Dad rang his bell as my mom, brother, sister and I all sat around the kitchen table, telling stories. I don’t remember why we were all together on that particular day because I have an awful memory, but we were. Dad...
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heart-shaped stethoscope

Joy is Found in the Weirdest Places

My husband and I spent this morning at Massey Cancer Center, getting his first round of chemo for lymphoma. We found out a couple of weeks ago that treatment was necessary, and we spent a week saying positive things to each...
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little girl on roller skates

You are Light, Even When You’re Grouchy

My college suitemates used to stand outside my dorm room in the morning, shove each other towards my door and say, “You wake her up.” They’d draw straws and the loser had to knock on my door. While a series of friends over the...
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When I Want to Cry I Laugh Instead

When life gets too big to handle, I like to break it down with laughter. Sometimes it’s totally inappropriate for the situation, but I can’t help it. It’s how I self-medicate. No booze, no drugs, just inappropriate humor. I agree...
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As a leader, do you implement change only to watch the projects, processes and initiatives stall because you can’t get the people driving them to change? In my new book Real People, Real Change: Stories of a Change Warrior in the Business World I share real stories to illustrate how leaders can move people to action.
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