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Donna Highfill

Whether you’re considering changing careers, leading organizational change, or just want help on next steps, Donna Highfill can give you the impetus you need.

With her concept of microchange, Donna is confident she can help individuals and companies move on to the next step in their journey and make progress toward their goals.

With over 35 years as a Change Warrior, Donna uses Virtual Coaching and Advising to achieve fast acceleration with extraordinary results.


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About Donna Highfill

Donna is a catalyst who helps various clients, from individuals to corporations, get moving on initiatives. With over three decades of change and performance experience, she knows precisely how to propel people to the next step, ignite energy, and inspire forward movement.

Her philosophy starts and ends with the concept of microchange. Microchange breaks change into doable pieces, allowing you to move more quickly while instilling new habits which cement the change in your life.

Donna helps companies drive performance and improve results. She is also an author, a storyteller, a catalyst, a motivator, and a Change Warrior.

How Donna Can Help You

Donna focuses on the people side of change and performance management. She helps people through periods of daunting transition and organizations through performance crises. As a writer, trainer, and executive who specializes in communicating change in a way that creates clarity and drives motivation, Donna is perfectly poised to help people from a wide range of backgrounds embrace change.

What Sets Donna Apart From Other Consultants?

Donna gets results. Instead of lengthy engagements, Donna gets things moving forward as quickly as possible. For businesses, she has been known to have a plan of action within the first two weeks of engagement. For individuals, one conversation with Donna can encourage the desire to make enormous changes in their lives.

While some individuals need more time to make changes, one man who attended Donna’s change training left her class and quit his job that day to pursue his passion of entering seminary. Need that kind of motivation without an engagement? Follow Donna’s writing and sign-up for her motivational messages!

Donna also always focuses on ways to lift performance in a way that positively impacts results. With experience in such diverse fields as change management training and sales training, Donna can develop a personalized program for your needs.

Because of her background as an executive, Donna understands how to use influence to make a presentation successful. Executives from all industries can benefit from her training, whether they’re pitching a presentation to the board or are finalizing a deal with business partners.

Why it works

Over the past 35 years, Donna has experienced success after success. At one company , the head of retail relied upon Donna to improve his sales. By following her advice, the company experienced a 100% lift in the first year.

The president of a recent employer credits Donna with helping the company through a difficult time, achieving profitability for the first time in several years. Donna has also helped the head of a financial institution when he struggled to move his results. In the first two months, the company experienced a 30% lift by using her tools.

Besides concrete evidence showing that her advice improves sales, Donna’s coaching style has also garnered results. A recent client, a female executive, raves that Donna’s example and coaching changed her life completely. When she came to Donna, she had no degree and was working in a small insurance company. After experiencing Donna’s microchange coaching, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree and became a successful Executive Director of a Retirement Home.

Research shows that those who opt to receive regular motivational messages from Donna are smarter, funnier, and especially cool people. Donna conducted the studies, but we still believe it is very close to the truth.

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Change Your Life Today
With Donna Highfill Consulting

Whether you’re bored at your current job or need advice about a crossroads you face, Donna can energize you with her conversation, training, and coaching. By limiting her clients to 10 individuals, Donna can provide a personalized, focused experience. If she believes someone in her network is a better fit for you, she will find someone who can help you on your life journey.

If you are struggling with change, let Donna be your guide. Donna will get back to you quickly, to provide an idea or quick assessment. If she can’t help you, she’ll find someone who can.


Get started

If you’re dealing with personal or corporate change, Donna’s experienced insights are just one contact away. If you are ready to be propelled forward, take the next step and get started.