A New Perspective with Icon Eyewear

I thought that all magnifying glasses were made equal.

Then came the Borghese readers that Icon Eyewear sent me to review. My first glimpse made me gasp – they were stylish. Yes, I get excited over fashionable magnifying glasses. I thought the looks were the best part until I slid them on.

After years of wearing eye wear from places like the drugstore, I was sure that I had one ear higher than another since my glasses were always cockeyed. Now I realize that my ears are fine!! What a relief. I just needed higher quality glasses.

As I wore them during the day I noticed something amazing — I quit noticing them. The fit is so comfortable you need never take them off to rest the ridge of your nose or the side of your head. Perhaps only I have the side of the head issue. I have a huge head. It’s so big (how big is it?) that I used to throw myself off balance as a kid when I would nod too aggressively.

Icon Eyewear also sent me a pair of Borghese sunglasses. Since I currently rock bright orange Raybans, I wasn’t too open to trying another pair. Again, they were sleek and stylish.  I put them on and they fit like a glove on my face. Of course that description sounds like I’m being attacked, but you know what I mean. Another perfect fit.

In the past few days, I’ve had a young girl tell me that I looked cool. And one of my very stylish friends said she thought I looked like a movie star in them.

I’m keeping them, and I’m ordering more of both the readers and the sunglasses. I checked out the price and they are extremely reasonable based upon the design and quality of the glasses. I strongly recommend you check them out at http://iconeyewear.com.

If you purchase them, be prepared to look cool.