Christmas Hangover

Photo by dbgg1979

Am I the only person that is relieved when Christmas is over? I know that sounds cynical and terrible and it’s not that I don’t love the reason for the season. I’m just a little A.D.D. and the pressure of making sure everybody is getting what they want is too much to bear. I was even  out on Christmas Eve with all the orphaned men picking up last minute gifts.

I want to go back to Little House on the Prairie days where the only decorations on the Christmas tree were popcorn and berries strung by a single thread instead of hundreds of little ornaments you have to wrap up separately about fifteen days after you put them up.

And on the morning of Christmas you gave each child a tin cup, a peppermint stick, and an orange and they were thrilled by the gift and said “thank you Mama and Papa” and they treasured that tin cup like it was gold.

Through all of my cynicism, however, I have to say my Christmas morning was spectacular. Everybody put time and thought into their gifts and they were perfect.  My husband gave me a beautiful London Fog all-weather coat and a not so beautiful head cold. I tried to return the head cold, but apparently it’s non-refundable.

We did get a white Christmas which was beautiful, and I’m running out trying to keep the birds fed in the backyard, which probably isn’t the smartest thing to do with my head cold. The one real bummer is that I was going to eat whatever I wanted on Christmas day – I was going off my diet in a big way. But the Nyquil I keep taking for the headcold kills my appetite and gives me the weirdest dreams. Last night I dreamt that I pulled a baby out of my armpit. No kidding.

So, today I live with my Nyquil hangover, accompanied by a lot of coughing and sneezing. And I am turning lemons into lemonade by remembering the following:

  • My dog is less hyper than usual, even while snowed in.
  • Due to my lack of appetite, my Wednesday weigh-in at Jenny Craig should be very successful.
  • My daughter and son are both home and healthy.
  • A few more nights of Nyquil and I could write my own hit version of “Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain (Macarthur Park).”

So, despite my red nose and lack of sleep, I am grateful for this Christmas.

Oh no. I just heard a bird fly into my glass door. The finches are cute but not particularly bright. Anyway, I hope your holiday was great!