Dame Donna’s E-Z Recipes

OK, I give in. I’ve visited at least 50 women’s blogs and every one of them involved recipes in some form or another. Because so many women seem to desire a good recipe, I’m going to share my very best with you. Some of these recipes have been shared at wedding showers, so feel free to print them and add them to your recipe file.

Dame Donna’s E-Z Recipe #1: Burgers and fries

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Look in your freezer five times for hamburger.

Remember that hamburger hasn’t been in your refrigerator since 1984.

Turn your oven off.

Climb into your car and drive to the Golden Arches.

Get into the drive-thru lane, and scare at least three people to ensure a good spot in line.

Talk to someone on your bluetooth while waiting to order.

Confuse everyone by talking to both the person taking your order and the friend on the phone at the same time.

Take your food home and reheat it in the microwave.

Position food on a nice dinner plate with a sprig of parsley.


Dame Donna’s E-Z Recipe #2: ¬†Omelette

Find your best omelette pan.

Realize you’ve never owned an omelette pan.

Pull out that medium-sized pot you’ve had since your first marriage.

Get your cage-free eggs from the refrigerator.

Realize they expired two weeks ago.

Get the tortured-chicken eggs that you just purchased.

Boil the eggs.

Admit that the only reason you boil eggs is because you like to peel them.

Cut them up and add mayonnaise.

Give them to the son to whom you promised an omelette.

After doing this many times, he will start to believe this IS an omelette.


Your E-Z Recipes

I have no doubt that many of you Dames have your own E-Z recipe. Please share a recipe in the comment section below. We can pull them all together and provide them as a wedding shower gift for all of those young brides who are just like us. Believe me, they will be relieved.