Donna, Plain and Medium

Last night I watched “Long Island Medium,” much to my husband’s chagrin. He refused to look at me as he passed by, actively shunning me.

I don’t care — I think the woman is thoroughly entertaining. Maybe it’s because she’s loud and I live in a world of quiet introverts.

I am a strong extrovert, which means I like to bounce my words off other people much like a bat uses radar. Many of you are like me. Until we put our words out there and hear them come back to us, we’re not sure if they should be said at all. You can immediately see the liability in this approach, but we can’t help ourselves.

Most extroverts should just wear a sign that says “I’m sorry.”

However, we are what we are. I spent a year of my life at a young age in a house alone, and I swore I’d never live in a quiet household again.

Living in a world of introverts is like trying to create an echo in a soundproof room. Every word gets sucked into the metaphorical wall, never to be returned. As a result, I put out some of my best stories only to get looks of annoyance or comments like, “You already talked about that yesterday.”

So, I envy the woman from New Jersey who talks to spirits all day long. Yes, I would be fine if some spirits in my house wanted to chat it up while my family sits quietly, ignoring me.

Our house is located in the country which is beautiful but extremely quiet. I was recently Googling articles on the internet about the location of our home, hoping for some spirit activity.

I discovered that our home is located in an area that has been  inhabited by the Pamunkey Indian tribe for over 10,000 years. This had potential — maybe our house is built on an Indian burial ground. This would give me plenty of spirits with whom to converse. Of course I could only hope.

I continued reading through the article with great anticipation, until I came to this line . . . “The Pamunkey Indians were a quiet, introspective people.”

Great. More introverts. Even my potential spirits are quiet.

Maybe I’ll just keep talking to my dog. Anybody out there feel the same way? Please, call me. đŸ™‚ I’m not kidding when I say I’d love to talk.