Getting Fit with Jason and Grant

Wondering if this workout will work? Just check out my picture above. Miraculous :).

I know that fitness is a serious topic, but I think entertainment is critical to longevity and commitment. Therefore, I’ve decided to start my own “serious” fitness section that provides a side of humor. Today we focus on our biceps.

I don’t know about you, but I hate looking at pictures of my upper arms. Suddenly I understand the term “grandma arms,” and I’m not liking it at all. Plus, I hate when I write on flipcharts and the fat on my arms shakes.

Therefore, I’m going to work on muscle tone. I’m starting with dumbbell curls.

I will take 5 lb weights (yes, I’m that weak), holding them in my palm with my palm facing the television set, and curl them slowly towards my body. Fast lifting does nothing but strain your back, so make sure you do this slowly. I’m going to start with three sets of ten lifts on each arm.

I’m going to perform this workout while watching my recorded “Ghost Hunters” episodes. If you’ve not seen this show, then you won’t appreciate the following workout rules:

  1. Every time Grant says “What the frak?” I do one set of ten.
  2. Every time Jason does “Shave and a Haircut” waiting for the ghost to respond with two beats, I do another set of ten.
  3. Every time Steve screams because of a spider, I do another set of ten.
  4. Every time Tango looks confused, I do another set of ten.

The first time I tried this workout I ended up doing over 100 bicep curls, mostly because of Tango. However, it works and it’s entertaining.

You can try this with any favorite show of yours that has repeated phrases or jokes. You get in shape AND you have fun doing it.

Then you top it all off with a snack.

That’s my Dame workout for this week. Enjoy!!