Got the Menopausal Blues? Listen to this Bird!

I woke up after a night of sweating that a high school wrestler would envy, only to realize that I had gained several pounds.

I got out of bed to get ready for work and realized that the skin on my eyelid had somehow gotten pressed against my pillow and was folded over. And it stayed that way for an hour.

Driving to work, I realized that I had spattered toothpaste all over my blouse in some stealth attack by my electric toothbrush. And I had a meeting.

[quote button_text=”Tweet the Quote”]I actually got heartburn just from looking at my coffee cup.[/quote]

Then, I got to work and saw this clip. And it worked. All of my woes disappeared:

That’s all I have to share with you – instead of flipping the bird today, I listened to him.

And he rocked my world.