How I Wear Paris Around My Neck

I took six years of French because I was in love with France. “Bonjour mon nom est Donna. Je t’aime.” That’s pretty much all I remember, except for Patti LaBelle’s contribution of “Voulez-Vous Couchez Avec Moi, Ce Soir,” which could have gotten me in a lot of trouble had I gone to France in my youth.

I am in love with the French language, and have yearned to see the Eiffel Tower ever since seeing Gene Kelly, my first older man, in “American in Paris.”

So, why haven’t I ever gone to see the Eiffel Tower? Well, for years it was because I was in college and broke. Then I was a single female, a country western radio DJ and, oh yeah, I was broke. Then it was because I was married and had small children and, again, broke.

Then it’s because I had my own business and worked 18 hours a day and my energy was broke.

Now, I’m beginning to think about Paris again. I dreamed the other night that I was running toward the Eiffel Tower, through cobblestone streets, among small cafes. Of course I was naked and trying to get to class to take that exam I had forgotten about, but it still left me with a happy feeling in my heart.

I woke up thinking about Paris and synchronicity kicked in. On that day I connected with Paul Bedell, a friend of mine who created Korbella jewelry.

Here’s the crazy part; he told me that he had taken his wife and daughter to Paris and that the look on his daughter’s face when she saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time changed his heart. So, he walked away from the corporate grind and purchased a spiral staircase that had twelve steps from the Eiffel tower. The staircase had been removed in 1983 when it was found to be structurally unstable.

He worked with some of the best jewelry designers in the world and had them create necklaces that beautifully incorporate a small piece of that staircase. Therefore, a part of the Eiffel Tower is always lingering beautifully around your neck. I have one of those Korbella necklaces, and find myself holding it when I yearn for a romantic, storied moment. I love the magic of its connection – check out the Korbella necklaces here.

In the meantime, I’m going to go all Rosetta Stone to beef up my French. I’m going to study the history of The Louvre. I’m going to read more Camus, and I’m going to eat more french fries. I know that french fries really shouldn’t be part of the deal, but it’s my dream trip and I’ve determined this an essential part of the preparation.

I feel like my necklace is one of those broken hearts and one day, I’m going to stand at the Eiffel Tower and press my necklace to it and ask it to be my sweetheart. Of course my husband might object, he doesn’t like competing with tall suitors.