How Samsung Galaxy Note II Has Made Me More Productive and Less Embarassing

As a blogger and a consultant, I am only as good as my tools. But, I am not technologically savvy when it comes to most phones. Don’t ask me why. I can find my way around a computer, but a new phone will freak me out.

Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of cutting somebody off in the middle of a sentence, or inadvertently taking a picture of my feet and sending it to all of my contacts, or hanging up and complaining loudly about the person who was just on the phone only to find out I hadn’t actually hung up yet. That happened once. That was awkward.

So, when I realized that I could no longer see my phone keys, I knew it was time to move on. People were tired of receiving texts that said things like – “ket:s fwr a vyo p0g ciggrr.” And I was getting additional lines around my eyes from squinting.

Then two weeks ago, the wonderful people at  Verizon Wireless sent me the Samsung Galaxy Note II  and the angels sang.

samsung-galaxy-note-II-2-366x251 (1)

I went to Verizon to transfer my information, and the young man who helped me was genuinely helpful. He told me that this was one of Verizon’s most popular phones, which made me feel cool. Then he answered all of my questions with the patience of Job. When I paid him this compliment, he asked me who Job was.

The Bluetooth connected easily and quickly. Watching my radio and phone running towards each other and then embracing in a matter of seconds brought tears to my tired eyes.  Now I had time to get coffee.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve discovered more delights:

Screen Size – The size of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is perfect. It’s big enough that I can read the screen without my glasses, and small enough that I can easily put it in my purse. And the screen measures 5.5″ which is perfect when photos are shared so I don’t say things like, “Is that your dog?” when some nice woman is showing me her baby.

Keyboard – Here’s my favorite part of the phone so far, however – the virtual keyboard. My initial introduction to a keyboard was on another phone, and every time I hit a letter the one to the left showed up instead. It took me 15 minutes to say, “I’m here!” to a friend who finally left the restaurant while I was in the parking lot trying to type my note.

In addition, you can set cool sounds for the keys. For a woman who grew up with the sound of a Smith-Corona, this makes it fun.

Camera – I love the photos this camera takes and am saving money by using these pictures for my blog. Next, I’m going to try the video function which comes in Full HD (1080p). I want to record a video and then post it on my website. This will revolutionize the way I use my blog.

Help -I have to admit that beyond the keyboard and the camera I started to struggle with some of the other features because I’m kind of old, so I I went straight to the Verizon Wireless site and typed in my favorite word – “Help!” This Get to Know Your Device page popped up, and I was impressed with the ease of the instructions.

All-in-all, unless you want a tiny phone that fits neatly in a front pocket, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has made my life a lot easier.

My days are busy, so I need something that saves me time and is easy enough to use that I don’t look like Koko the Gorilla (may he rest in peace) trying to use it. The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a move in the right direction, and I am just uncovering the many benefits this phone delivers.

Want one? The 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Note II is available from Verizon Wireless for $299.99 with a 2-year-contract.

Disclaimer: receives free devices from Verizon Wireless as part of their participation in the Verizon Lifestyle Blogging Team.  All posts reflect the independent opinion of Donna Highfill.