9 Energy Tips to Keep Us Going!

by Fitness Expert Lorri Hanna
Lorri is co-founder of Soltreks, a company committed to helping individuals and groups find meaning in their world through interaction with nature. Visit their site at www.soltreks.com.

Lorri: Hi Dames! I am currently enroute via van to New Mexico for a few weeks. I’m facilitating a women’s retreat and then there’s a men’s trek. In the meantime, I’ve jotted some notes below on how to improve energy. Believe me…I gotta find ways to keep ‘er goin!!

How to create energy:
1. Get outside: fresh air, vitamin D (sun), deep breaths…arms reach to the sky stretches…oxygen to the brain improves circulation.
2. Stay hydrated…remember water is like gas in the tank…increases flexibility and elasticity in skin, muscles. Dehydration brings on fatigue.
3. Eat! Eat raw and whole foods with good protein and complex carbohydrates. Simple Sugars make you lethargic…keeping your blood sugar balanced will help keep energy levels balanced.

Donna: Unfortunately, I have not yet opened the pack of M&Ms that I bought this morning which means it’s now going into the trash. But I’m going to put it in the little trash can that I don’t empty in case I want to fish it out tomorrow. But I’ll try not to, Lorri.

4. Walk! Walking, although you might say “how the heck do I walk when I don’t have any energy” can actually give boost your energy by a couple of hours….not only will your energy improve, your mood will improve!
5. Snack on healthy foods… maintains metabolism. Combining protein, a little fat and some fiber helps to kick in the energy and help sustain it. I like almonds and raisins or peanut butter on a rice cake. A healthy breakfast as well, can give you a kick start for your day.
6. Rest…take a power nap; it restores energy.

Donna: I dozed off this morning while my CPA explained some new tax laws. Does that count? P.S. I will eat a rice cake if I know I can put peanut butter on it. Otherwise I might as well eat some of those styrofoam peanuts that UPS uses to pack boxes. Seriously.

7. Express yourself … Take care of emotions. It takes more energy to hold onto the negative emotions than it does to let them go.
8. Check your thyroid, magnesium levels as well as other hormones and mineral levels for balance.
9. Did I say rest and sleep? Adequate rest and a good nights sleep makes for a happy camper!

Donna: Thanks so much, Lorri, for taking the time to put these thoughts together when you’re on the way out the door. The short walks have really energized me at work. From the picture above it looks like you’re having a great time on your trek. I think several of us Dames should consider attending one of these treks with Lorri!!