I Y’am what I Y’am

“Do what you love, the money will follow!”

I’ve read approximately 9,372 books and articles on the importance of following your passion. Here’s my problem – what if you really like a lot of little things but have no great overriding passion for one thing in particular? What if doing one thing repeatedly bores the living squat out of you and you find you simply have to go do something else?

I went to a great college and I graduated with honors. I’ve worked in radio, newspaper, banking, and teaching. I’ve also bartended, sold shoes, and worked at Busch Gardens. I’ve been published several times and have almost completed my Masters degree.

I have had two incredible kids, two wonderful husbands, have two houses and write two blogs. I seem to have a Noah’s ark theme going on in my life. That’s good news for my second husband.

So, the question is, what is my one big passion? How do I take all of these elements of my life and go after just one thing?

I’m not sure that I can. I can’t even keep a car for more than two years. Thank God for CarMax.

I’ve purchased 11 different houses and would move again right now if I could. As an adult I’ve owned three dogs, four cats, three birds, a guinea pig, two hamsters, and a Lop. I could have been animal free when our last dog died, but I went out a bought a puppy. Probably not my best move.

If you ever check out my professional blog (http://www.highfillperformancegroup.com/), you’ll see that my area of expertise is change. Now you know why. It’s what I’m best at doing.

I think I need to realize that my one great passion is doing something different. Constantly. Is that so wrong? Don’t answer that, because it won’t matter.

As Popeye said, “I y’am what I y’am.” Now let me go pop some spinach in my mouth and attack my next point of interest. Any other change junkies out there?

We could start a support group, except that we’d all show up a couple of times and then wander away . . .