Why I’m a Fan of this Fan

During my mother’s menopausal phase, fans seemed to reproduce in our house.

Open any drawer and you would find a funeral fan, a fan from the department store, a fan made from some piece of junk mail, or in one case, a fan made from our phone bill which resulted in loss of service.

I remember the day she sat in the church choir and fanned up her choir gown, which was a little disconcerting for my father who was the minister at the time.

Years later, still suffering, she tried the little electric fans with tiny blades that delivered the same windforce as a mouse whistling. It was a waste of energy. She went back to her funeral fans.

But now that I know hot flashes aren’t all that funny. . .

Yes, I am in the fan phase of my life. However, I have avoided fans for a variety of reasons:

  1. The one time I pulled out a small fan at a work meeting it blew other people’s presentations off the table and caused a ruckus.
  2. Most of the tiny electric fans require batteries that seem to run out after one hot flash.

I found a solution . . .

Brian Burge, CEO & Founder of BlowMeCool Inc., connected with me not long ago. He mentioned that he has a new solution that he and his wife created, and wanted to know if I’d like to try it. I wiped the sweat from my brow, reapplied deodorant, and told him I was on board. He sent me two of his fans. Now I’m a fan. Of his fans.

The BlowMeCool fan is awesome for these reasons:

  • This is a quality, rechargeable device.  Drop it on the floor it still works.  And the back grill and fan blade can easily be removed for cleaning and reinstalled.
  • When fully charged the fan operates for a total on time of 2 hours! When you figure the average hot flash only lasts a couple of minutes, that’s a lot of fan time. One woman left it in her car glove box over the winter and it still worked at the beginning fo summer.
  • It can be charged by any standard USB port. You can even use an Apple iPhone or Blackberry charger.
  • The fan is like a cylinder, and can be hidden in your hand so everybody doesn’t say, “Hey, that menopausal woman is having a hot flash!”
  • The stream of air it emits is cool and focused so you hair isn’t blowing all over the place. Plus, you can feel the air on your face from over 24” away.
  • The On/Off button is easy, and when held down your fan can become a mini-flashlight. I love multipurpose items.

Exciting Dame Discount:  If you are interested in purchasing a BlowMeCool, click this link and receive a Real Dames reader discount! Just enter DameN As your discount code.

Thank you, Brian . . .

I’m a lot less sweaty now, and that’s a win/win for everybody.