In Search of My Lime Green Hat

I have an exciting destination. After years of asking the opinion of husbands, children, and friends, I’m taking a journey back to me.

I’ve spoken recently to several women my age who say they’ve completely forgotten who they are and what they really like about themselves. They’ve spent years meeting others needs, or shopping for someone else, or trying to look like someone else for somebody else.

Here are a few first steps I’m taking to re-find myself:

  1. I’m going to start dressing the way I like to dress. Many years ago I asked a “career consultant” what I should wear in the professional world. After a couple of years home with kids, I felt I needed her input. She put me in drab suits that bored the hanger they were hanging on. Most outfits were beige and olive green, and I decided she might have spent a lot of time in the military. She said they made my skin look good and then charged me $300. She also put me in uncomfortable shoes. I’m going back to bright colors and sneakers. ☺
  2. I am going to start making decisions without taking a Gallup poll. I’m not going to be like the poodle in children’s book “Go Dog Go” that keeps asking, Do you like my hat?  The line reminds me of this gosh awful lime green knit cap I used to wear in Junior High School. Everybody hated it, but I wore it anyway. It made me happy.
  3. I’m going to simplify. I have too much stuff, and the stuff that means nothing to me weighs down my soul. That means I am going to get rid of the jewelry that I only wear to impress other people. I’m going to keep the piggy bank my daughter gave me but trash the ridiculous wallet I got simply because it said Marc Jacobs on it.

This weekend I traded in a fancy car for a Subaru Forester. Why? Because that’s the kind of vehicle I’ve wanted for years.

One change made, and I feel ten pounds lighter already. My new wardrobe is comprised of joy. Some famous woman said it’s the best cosmetic. Of course I’m sure she also has had a facelift and has daily facial massages in addition to her joy, but . . .

I’m heading back to me. If you’re already there, then good for you. If not, join me on the journey!