Lessons from the Hummingbird

The hummingbird came to me

Hovered in my face on a hot, hot day

I got up and found my feeder

Placed one part sugar in four parts water

And hung the feeder on my crepe myrtle

I waited to see if she would return

Anxious about her need and my lack of fulfillment

The buzzing came first then the darting

And she drank and danced while I laughed silently

Afraid I would scare her away

The next day she brought her beau and baby

And they chased and buzzed and sipped

There was no anxiety in their flight

No judgment for the previous lack of a feeder

Instead they moved through the air as one

Until she was alone and came within inches

And sat down upon my hyacinth bloom

Asked nothing of me except my company

I gazed at the beauty of this tiny bird

Until she darted ahead and to the side

Around the tree and back to the feeder

Needing neither attention nor validation

Just busy being a hummingbird

She hovered in front of me with blurred wings

Thanking me for the sugar water

And I thanked her for reminding me

There is beauty in just being the creation

— Donna