Lift Your Mood with Some Memory Music!

I know, I know, I wrote about dancing last week. But spring has sprung early and I’m in the mood. On Wednesday, our Fitness Guru Lorri is giving us some tips about dance and fitness.  Until then, I will extol the art of the dance (not that my dance includes ANY element of art).

I’m no music expert, but I know this:

  • I can’t listen to “Walking on Sunshine” without smiling.
  • I can’t listen to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” without going into a deep depression. I blame the association with darling Dorothy turning into Judy the drug addict, although this song made me cry long before the cigarette-smoking, stumbling version of the song.
  • I can’t listen to “Here Comes the Sun” without feeling enormous hope.
  • And I can’t listen to “When the Saints Go Marching In” without feeling my dad’s presence and his love of all things jazz.

Music speaks to our brain in a way that words can’t – it can lift us out of our despair or throw us right into it, depending upon the song.

So this week, I encourage you to find all of those songs that make you smile and download them onto whatever little device you have. MP3 it, iPod, it, or if you’re still burning mixed-tapes, then God love ya’, do it.

My first mixed tape was created in 1973 and included dogs barking Jingle Bells. You’ve got to click on the link I provided – I found the actual version I recorded!! The dog with the deep bark still cracks me up. I just spit Starbucks Frappuccino all over my desk.

Don’t shy away from the songs you loved when you were young. If the memories were good, include them. You might suddenly smell the baby powder scent of Love’s Baby Soft Perfume, or feel the Bonnie Bell’s Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers (which my daughter gave me as a gift last Christmas) on your lips, or feel the cool ring of your body suit zipper against your decoupage.

You might find yourself walking with bent knees as you remember that first pair of wooden stacks that made you at least four inches taller and wrenched your ankle as you tumbled off of them just as you saw the cute guy walking towards you.  But, remember how hot you felt when those wooden stacks, body suit and velvet crush hip-huggers all came together. You rocked.

Once you’ve downloaded these memories, play one song every morning and dance your heart out.

I put on Rock Lobster this morning and pogoed my way around the office. I used to do the same thing in college as a study break to keep myself energized. Inevitably, others would come out of their rooms and join me. I may have not been able to pogo through the entire song this morning, and there might have been more of me bouncing than in college, but I don’t care.

My spirit is the same. I still groove on Rock Lobster. And if you can’t pogo any more, just lift your hands in the air and sway. If you move your body, your spirit will follow.

Share with me and other Dames – what one song would you include on your “best association” downloads?