Messages from the Well

There is a depth to us that we avoid

Perhaps it is because we like to skate on the surface and jump over pain.

There is a magic to us that we hush

Because then we’re responsible for the power that comes with it.

There is a well, a deep, deep well, that calls our name

And we act like we don’t hear it.

For we are busy doing the controllable and doubting ourselves

And we don’t like the noise of solitude.

But the well knows that there are times we have to descend

And face the fear that has grown.

We have to go deep, past our frantic pace and responsibilities

And we have to go alone.

The well knows that there is an important message for us there

Deep within its walls.

We have a light, within us, that we daily dim

While tending to our tasks and routines.

But then life hands us something too big for the surface

And we realize we need the light.

So we go to the well, and are lowered into it not by force

But by a dire need to find comfort.

As we descend, our fear begins to dissipate

And the silence we dreaded sounds like peace.

Our courage takes us farther than we thought we could go

And we find, at the bottom, sustenance and strength.

For the well knows that everything we feared was imagined

And the what we need is a drink of water.

A simple message that says the miraculous is within us

If only we could get quiet and sip.

The most amazing, powerful parts of ourselves are found

At the bottom of the well, the well that called our name.

Not to end us, but to remind us, that our soul is strong

And even in the dark there is love with its arms wrapped around us.

And we hear the well whisper, “You are magic. You are light. You are darkness.”

The well’s message feels true, it feels like home.

And we are glad to be out of the depth, but thankful for the reminder

That sometimes our busy-ness and noise are deflections.

For there is no enemy here,

Just light, and dark, and love, and fear,

All working together to help us hear the magical message

That the greatest of these is love.