Should We Wait or Should We Act?

“Let’s go.
We can’t.
Why not?
We’re waiting for Godot
.” – Samuel Beckett

And we wait.
For more bad news
that flows beyond
our saturation point.

And we wait.
For better dialogue
we aren’t creating
with uninformed arguments.

And we wait.
For someone else
to make the change
that will fix the world.

And we wait.
For dynamic joy
that can resuscitate
our tired hearts.

“Let us do something, while we have the chance! . . . Let us make the most of it, before it is too late!”
– Samuel Beckett

Why not act?
And share the news
of heroes and hope
that happen daily.

Why not act?
And listen to others
with radical compassion
and quiet candor.

Why not act?
And look to ourselves
to be the change
that lights the way.

Why not act?
And realize that joy
is only ever found
in the doing.

Let’s do something, while we have the chance!