The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

I woke up at 3:40 a.m. listening to the rain and wind outside my window. My heart pounded as I waited for another oak (I have revoked the world “mighty” since, at current count, 20 of them fell in our yard during one storm) to come through our roof.

Finally, at 5:30 a.m., I gave into the series of hot flashes my fear had ignited and crawled slowly out of sweaty sheets. Looking forward to a airline flight in rain and wind, I got packed and decided to get to the office where I seemed to have things under control. At least I thought I had things under control. As Bill Cosby said in his comedy bit on Noah, “RIGHT.”

I walked in my office door and my phone was dead. So was the power at the office. It was on yesterday, but today it was nada. Nothing. Zip.

Looking at the fact that my entire neighborhood had minor damage from the storm when my yard, as my niece put it, “looks like a dinosaur stepped on it” . . . makes me wonder:

  • Why was our house the only one really hit? And hit so big?
  •  Why is our tiny office building the only one on a major road without power?
  •  Why is my husband’s phone line now working but mine isn’t, and I have the master number and his is on my account?

Is the Universe trying to tell me something? If so, I have some Universal directions:

  •  Speak more softly and stop wielding the big stick. I’m trying to listen, but the command and control approach is not working with me. Please be more collaborative.
  • Let me sleep. I am grouchy enough right now, please do not wake me up with additional wind and rain. That’s just mean. And, now, so am I.
  • Cool off. If you’re going to pound me with your message, please provide me a cool location in which to hear it. It’s hard to hear a Universal whisper when you have sweat running down your back and your face is on fire.

I know this is when I am going to learn more than I’ve ever learned in my life. This is the journey. I am growing, at least wider, as I eat my way through these emergencies.

I also know a lot of people have conditions worse than mine. But, I’m going to whine anyway. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. 🙂 But then I’ll learn, and be the mightiest of Dames.

When I finally get the message I’ll let you know. It’s out there – blowin’ in the wind.