The Only Way to Fly

Sometimes I get an inkling that I shouldn’t do something.
It’s a feeling, deep in my gut.
And most of the time . . . I do it anyway.
Because I ask for opinions and listen
to everyone outside of me.
And I fear making a mistake
Believing if I think about it enough
It will become safe.

My hummingbirds left today,
They had an inkling it was time.
And they didn’t ask my opinion
Or that of the crows or the cardinal.
They didn’t pack up my sugar water
For fear of running out of fuel.
They left because their rhythm said
it was time for them to go.

My goal is to go with my gut more,
To ask others less
To simply trust that the rhythm
Is gonna take me
To the right place
In the right time.

We overthink things
And let fear make our decisions.
I bet the hummingbirds aren’t saying –
“Do you think we should have left?”
I bet they are flying
Higher and higher
With love and intuition
beneath their wings.

There is no sure compass,
But there is a gut reaction,
A sense of what is right,
In the moment, just for us.
We must listen, and follow our gut
Without another thought.
Because that, my friends,
Is the only way to fly.