Was I as Bad as the “Toddlers in Tiaras” Moms?

I really want to judge the mothers in “Toddlers in Tiaras.” Their headlines continue to horrify me. Here are a few I saw today:

  • Contestant wants “To dance on the pole.”
  • Mom burns her daughter’s eyes while trying to dye her eyelashes
  • Mom gives daughter straight sugar to perk her up

I was ready to really go all judgmental on these mothers in this blog. What kind of mothers are they? How could they do this to their own children? My feelings are true, but they must be balanced by a few of the headlines that could have been written about me when I was raising my two children.

Here are a few that could have shown up in Huffington Post:

  • Pregnant mom falls asleep while two-year-old opens the gate lock and wanders down the road with his bottle, ending up four houses away – watching a man with a chainsaw.
  • Mom gives her infant daughter a dose of paregoric (upon doctor’s instructions, I swear) to get her to sleep, but forgets to dilute it with water, so her infant chokes and foams at the mouth.
  • Mom puts her baby in his love bucket, and places him on top of the car,  gets in the car and starts the engine before remembering the baby is still on the roof.
  • Mom breastfeeds the wrong baby after giving birth.
  • On a day following no sleep, Mom calls her screaming toddler a “little piece of crap.”

Yea, I think I’ll keep my judgments to myself.

What about you? Any baby-raising media headlines that might have appalled the reading audience?