We Can Do it – STILL!

I remember a crude but funny joke about women that said, “Never trust anything that bleeds for seven days but doesn’t die.”

I told you it was crude. But here’s the point – our physical challenges don’t make us weak. They make us STRONG.

My daughter has me hooked on the television show “Vampire Diaries.” If you’re not a fan, then the clip below might not make sense to you. Let’s just say that the female (Elena) is human, while the love interest she is talking to is a vampire (Stefan) who is under a spell that blocks all of his human feeling. In this scene, there is some slight violence but don’t worry – the stake misses the heart while scoring one point for women.


Elena knows our secret. Women are centuries stronger than men because we:

  • Go to school in spite of cramps that are similar to what is experienced after drinking water in Mexico.
  • Endure the teenager eye-rolling during peri-menopause without physically tackling them and pounding their skull into the ground.
  • Accept the fact that our greatest burdens, menstrual cycles and menopause, have the word “men” in them but impact only women.
  • Can lead business meetings even though every artery is opening up and we are sweating through our suits.
  • Endure social institutions that constantly tell us we’re second-class citizens, even though some of us created the men sharing that information.
Don’t tell me we’re the weaker sex. We endure constant physical and mental change while raising and build up others around us. And for those who tell us we are weak, well, that’s like a stake in . . . their heart.