What I Might Do With This Extra Tuition Money . . .

I’m getting ready to make a week long trip to watch my baby graduate from college. I am so proud of her and excited that she is going to have a lifetime of new opportunities. I am also a little relieved that college payments are OVER.

So, what am I going to do with my newfound wealth? With that extra money each month? Here are some ideas:

  • Take a class on how to apply false eyelashes. Weird, I know, but something I want to learn.
  • Spend one night watching QVC and spend $1,000. That should buy me at least 900 things.
  • Go to Disney World and see every show that I want to see and avoid the teacups at all cost.
  • Try to make a movie that will get me to the Sundance festival so I can meet Robert Redford.
  • Start a business where I encourage woman to do more for themselves. Hey, I could actually do that one.
  • Buy a ridiculously expensive purse. Oh, yeah, I’ve done that several times.
  • Build a wine cellar even though I don’t drink that often. I just like the looks of a wine cellar.
  • Build a library in my home with one of those cool movable ladders. I’ve always wanted one of those.
  • Walk up to someone who has nothing and give them one month’s worth of a college payment.
  • Take photography classes so my pictures don’t look like the Queen of Hearts in “Alice and Wonderland” taught me the art of picture-taking.
  • Travel back in time and ignore reality and meet Pippi Longstocking. We would have a blast.
  • Buy enough tissues to get through my daughter’s graduation.

Just a few thoughts . . . if you had some extra money, what would you buy?