What Would I Do Without Dames?

Dames are the strongest creatures on this planet. Why do I believe this to be true? Because anytime there is something difficult in my life, women are there to hold me up.

Plus, I have been in WalMart at Christmas observing grandmothers fight for the most popular toys. It’s like watching a MMA cage fight.

My first real glimpse of the power of women came at the age of 13 and involved cows. No, not the Chick-Fil-A cows, but real cows. My family and I stopped by the side of the road when my parents noticed a cow giving birth. Remember, these were the days without television and social media and we stared out the windows a lot. A cow giving birth was a COUP in those days.

My family walked to the fence to get closer. As we stood there, we noticed a large group of cows on the move. They walked toward the cow giving birth, and surrounded her to block our view.

The bull wandered away to find something to eat.

The calf was born inside this circle of support, and we could see the other cows licking the newborn calf to clean it up. Eventually, they all began to nudge the calf to help it stand up while the mother lay there sucking on ice chips and wondering if she should have gotten an episiotomy.

We were amazed that the other cows had an active part in the birth. Once I gave birth to my own kids, I realized that it’s what women do — well, we don’t lick each other’s babies — but we circle around each other in our most difficult moments and help each other laugh and cry and do whatever we need to do

I will always remember this scene in Steel Magnolias where Sally Field’s character has lost her daughter:


This scene both broke my heart and left me amazed at the strength of women.

Of course, we can always use our power for evil. I watch women in business tear each other down on a daily basis. I watch them whisper about each other and act like mean girls.

[quote button_text=”Tweet the Quote”]But when there is true pain, when our souls are crying and our hearts are broken, women are there for each other.[/quote]

In Egypt, South African TV journalist Lara Logan was repeatedly raped, but finally saved by a group of Egyptian women who stood over her while being confronted by an angry mob.

In the village of Santipur on the Bhutan border, a man entered a woman’s house and raped her. The village women found him, ripped his clothes off in public, and beat him.

In both situations men also helped, but the women got there first — many of whom will be punished for their actions.

We are a fierce breed, us Dames. If we can use that fierceness to support each other in the workplace like we do in our personal lives, we will be unstoppable.

And if you ever hear of a cow that advertises as a mid-wife, take her up on it. Those Dame Cows have a gift.