When We Change the Way We Look at Things

Throughout my life they have been my narrators

Sitting on power lines and rooftops as they caw

And quietly flap their wings as I walk at night

My story would not be the same without them

They were my comforters during illness when I was young

And they talked to me when nobody else was there to do the same

They made me laugh and created just enough noise

To cover the sounds that made me want to run inside

They stayed with me and told me a very special story that

We are never alone in this world except when we think we are

When we fail to see a murder of crows as familiars and friends

But harbingers of something dark and frightening

They taught me that our experience here is often based on what we look for

And when we change our lense through which we look

The things we look at change

I’ve been looking for loss lately and my brain has found gaps

And empty places and lonely thoughts . . . and I needed it

Sometimes we need to jump into that place to feel our grief

But we can’t stay there too long

For our perspective will shift and we won’t see our comforters

I saw my birds with a child’s eye and they became my friends

And I am engaging that child’s eye to search for beauty

In the butterfly that dances by when someone dear to you is lost

The friend who calls when you absolutely need it most

The trees that majestically release their leaves without regret

And reach to the colder skies so that my friends can light there

Reminding us that all of our emotional seasons serve a purpose

And we are all connected in a spectacular way

But to see that energy we have to look for it and it’s hard to see with our heads down

So join me in looking up and listening for the quiet flapping of wings

Or dancing of dragonflies or laughter from loved ones or a kiss from a breeze

And know, always, that although we might be temporarily lonely

We are never, ever alone.