Why Golden Girls are Golden

I love women. I especially love women our age who jumped into their Golden Girl years with delight. I recently sat in an airport and listened to the raucous laughter of three gray-haired women as they recounted their recent trip to Europe.

They talked about their hot flashes in Italy, their flare-ups in Germany, and the way they slept through an entire day in London. In the middle of one of their raunchier stories a little toddler walked up with leopard boots and a big leopard bow in her hair.

All three women burst into even bigger smiles, and one held out her arms. That little girl sensed the Dame-ness, and stumbled right into those welcoming limbs. Her mother was relieved somebody else could hold her daughter for a few minutes and plopped down beside them.

They proceeded to build a new friendship, and when our third delay was announced they didn’t even notice.

They were definitely Golden, and I aspire to be more like them.

I need to tape back together that AARP card I tore up. I need to unplug my ears when Porcelana – the medicated fade cream –┬ácommercials come on. I need to admit that I think Dick Van Dyke is hot at the age of 85.

Starting today, I am going to roll out a welcome mat to my gray hairs.

Starting today, I am going to spend more time eating cheesecake and laughing with fellow Dames.

Starting today, I am going to see the “golden” in my age.

I also would like to stop flipping people off in traffic, but that might be an unrealistic goal until the menopausal cycle is complete.

Below is one of my favorite clips from “Golden Girls.” I think that is why this show is so popular with college girls because the women are honest about their age and their issues. They laugh, they play, and they still live life to the fullest.

We should all aspire to be Golden Girls.


And, just in case you’re interest . . .