Why I Like Friday the 13th!!

I will admit to being a little counter-dependent (I can sense my husband nodding from miles away). Tell me I shouldn’t like it, and I’ll LOVE it. This was proven by my hysterical and lonely laughter throughout the comedy film “The Three Amigos.”

I also like black cats and encourage them to walk across my path. I even owned a black cat once we named Tarmac. The name, unfortunately, proved prophetic.

I have an inexplicable need to walk beneath a ladder when it is leaning against a house. While I find that it provides me with good luck, I’m not sure that the guy I bumped while power washing our house would agree.

There’s something about the mystical energy that surrounds “bad luck” omens that attracts me.

And Just Today . . . 

I knocked my bathroom mirror over and cracked it slightly. But did I panic? Nope. I simply blamed it on a lack of coordination and the fact that I gazed into it prior to applying my morning make-up. That crack was self-defense.

The fact that the exterminator sprayed the interior of our house this morning while wearing a mask as I worked on my blog without a mask proves nothing.

The fact that on the way to my car a stick randomly flew from out of nowhere and smacked me on my cheek is just a random event.

Cursing at a Harley Davidson rider in front of me while stopped at a stoplight, oblivious to the fact that my sunroof was open and he could hear every word, was just . . . unfortunate.

Tripping up the front stoop of my office building and spilling my Diet Coke was neither amusing nor unlucky. Just sticky.

I can’t wait for the rest of this day . . . there’s all sorts of lucky things waiting for me out there.

If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you a picture of the Raven sitting on my office window. He is not only making a friendly visit, but keeps saying something. Sounds like “Forever Store,” or “Never roar.” .

I’m one lucky Dame.