The Promise of a Road Less Travelled

Everyone’s journey is a road less travelled, a path without a map that is ours to walk.
Along the way, we might be diverted by the footprints of others who have gone before.
We discover that some have left noble footprints, formed by courage and love.
Others have left seductive footprints, formed by illusive promises.
Then, at the end of the day, we realize that none of their footprints fit our own.

We follow footprints because we want an absolute answer, we want what we think they had.
And, yet, if we really knew what went into those steps, we would see that they had rainy days.
And dark nights. And complete joy. And frightening thoughts. And happiness. And hopelessness.
Yet somehow we believe that they never had a bad day, that they were blessed as we are not.
Then, at the end of the day, we want their path because we believe it was filled only with joy and light.

As we continue to step off our path and follow others, we find that the result is not what we hoped.
Instead of epiphanies and easy travels, we sink into the rut caused by so many feet
following what they thought would be quick joy and monetary rewards, and we’re shocked when
the footprint traps the traveler who sinks deeper into the rut created by wishes and hopes.
Then, at the end of the day, we realize the rut is not our path, but a siren of misdirection.

So we return to our path, overgrown with opportunity, relying on our intuition and divine whispers.
We blaze the trail with determination, and are grateful for the light offered at our lowest point.
Determined, we step forward without a guarantee, and take the chance to exercise and build our courage,
And in our pain, when the light is low, we trust that even in the dark we are moving forward.
Then, at the end of the day, we realize that even our darkest moments create the journey we are meant to have.

A unique life is created by following our path, so let’s go in the direction of our dreams,
However measured or far away, however foggy or misty or frustratingly unclear,
Because the universe gives us one moment, one step at a time in this journey of ours.
And celebration of each moment, rather than concern about the perfect moment, will lead us on.
Then, at the end of the day, the path you create in the universe will be perfectly, wonderfully yours.